Metalurgica Colla


Handling big bags inside the plant requires attention and care to make the movement a safe operation.

To manage this, we have a wide range of stations for filling and / or emptying of big bags
designed for different applications, product types, size of big-bags, etc.

  • General characteristics
  • Bolted or fully welded structures as requirement.
  • Hoppers made of stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel, depending on application.
  • Adaptable dimensions.
  • Accessories
  • Automatic filter.
  • Discharge devices.
  • Big-bags massagers devices.
  • Big-bags stretching devices.
  • Weighing system.
  • Manual bag cutting table.
  • Magnetic trap.
  • Suction box.
  • Estaciones vaciado llenado big-bags.
  • Estaciones vaciado llenado big-bags.
  • Big-bag filling station + Weighing system.
  • Big-bag filling station.
  • Big-bags emptying station + Stretching device
  • Big-bags emptying station + electric hoist
  • Big-bags emptying station dust materials
  • Big-bags emptying station + manual cutting bags unit
  • Big-bags emptying station + Stretching device